Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From The Top Of The Bus 2

I wrote about this on my blog - eavesdropped (and recorded on my phone!) on a conversation between two guys travelling on a District Line replacement bus around midnight from Turnham Green Station to Richmond a few months back. One was going on about how he was coping after dumping Jan his girlfriend. His friend was being irritatingly supportive in a really selfish way. He was obviously lonely and was angling for his newly single friend to move in with him. I've never heard such a shallow conversation in my life. Here are my notes:

What about Laura - the girl in the pashmina? Splitting up, insecurity. I've got a dry loft you can store things in. No water coming in or's safe from elements. We're mates...Jan's getting really petty. I had to do it. You're really brave. Everyone at the office thinks your'e amazing the way you're coping with it I'd be in pieces. Meet someone some day. Be thankful. Sounds cheap? Just embrace it......


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