Sunday, October 01, 2006

She is the Builder

She is the builder, constructing an amazing feat of architecture before our very eyes. The structure is so very strong, you can pound your fists against it. It is a pile of one thousand bricks, reaching upwards to skyscraper proportions. Some might say it is a pyramid against the wilderness. Ancient monuments of stone stand in awe and wonder. She builds and sometimes she stops and pauses to look across at a fellow thinker. She is just as lovely for cogitating along the same mortar lines as our original worker. They are both studious and create with ease, designing it all upwards and outwards. They are conceiving new forms of construction. The building cobbled with faces, tailor-made to suit me. It is engineered to go up and through skies filled with cloud. It is masterful and proud, productive and exalted. The soaring forklifts have elevated it to new heights and it scales unchartered, heady escalator highs. It is, so it seems, head and shoulders above the rest. Our two builders sit studying their new skysucker! It is fantastic! They have dropped from the sky a real whopper and it has swoopstooped like a giant into my life. I have touched down somewhere in the middle of it, abseiled down the side of it, fallen like rain over windows and doorways. Popped my legs through a letterbox and got in. The stones dripdrop and buck against each other. Trilling and murmuring voices interlock inside bricklets. Pelting rain can mizzle and smir and we shall not be stopped in our progress once inside. Trickling and overflowing, it drains me through splashpercolation. On top of all this, you have still managed to stem the course. I have the seen the interior and it is to my liking. You have made it well. Is it not a masterpiece? I get to my feet in here! Spring up and hold my head just so. On tiptoe, I never thought I had it in me! Upsy-daisy! Up you get! I’m feeling fine again. The assemblage is wonderful.

For a moment was almost...a.......l......r....iiiiiii.....ght


Blogger BEAST said...

Have you been sniffing the Cillit Bang AGAIN.....or is it me

9:37 AM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Cillit Bang, Domestos, Flea Powder. It's all marvellous stuff if you ask me Beast. I'm starting on the furniture polish next week.

12:58 PM  

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