Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jewellery Box

She has just found,
My jewellery box.

As I watch her,
At the foot of the bed,
I suddenly think back to,
My mother’s jewellery box.
It was a white leather case, like mine.

My daughter says:
It’s fun! Shiny buttons!
These buttons are very, very shiny!
Look at that! That’s better!
These are big and these are small.
These patterns I think.
These spirals. Can I? Can I?
I show you how to make spirals.

She puts the beads in rows.
She finds a blue button.
She touches a key.
She shows me a spiral:
A blue bracelet.

I think back to what I saw:
- a gold heart with red paper inside, no picture
- pearls with a broken clasp
- a blue bracelet
- some buttons

I think of spirals.
I touch a key.
These buttons are very shiny.
I put the beads in rows.
I show you how to make spirals.


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